Child care for children from birth through 3 years is provided during Sunday school and worship services. A snack and age-appropriate Bible story are provided in a safe, nurturing environment.

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4 years to Kindergarten

The 4 year old to Kindergarten Sunday School at NC3 uses Gospel Light Curriculum. It is creative curriculum that uses many different ways to teach about Jesus. The lessons are taught through art, drama, games, Bible stories, songs, and puppet time. Each week we tell the Bible story, learn a verse, work on a hand out and send home a sheet so parents can talk to their children about what we went over in class. It's fun to learn about Jesus and how much He loves us. 

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1st and 2nd grade

We look a bit deeper into the Bible stories the children are familiar with in order to broaden their understanding of the power and love of God. We have activities to encourage the involvement  of every student and to reinforce the lessons being taught. The children are encouraged to find and read scriptures. 

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3rd and 4th grade

The students take turns reading the Bible and we have a follow-up to review the lesson, which may include a Bible baseball game, a skit, or a class retelling of the story by drawing pictures on the board as the students tell what happened. As the students read the Word, they bring up many thoughtful questions and interesting points which leads to wonderful class discussions. It is important to the teachers that the students are in the Word themselves, not just being told a Bible story.

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5th and 6th grade

Fun and fellowship as we gather to investigate and study God's Word using Kay Arthur's Inductive Bible Study series for kids. Children take joy in learning how God is speaking to them and guiding them in their lives.

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Adults 1, 2

Adult 1 - The Berean Class (Acts 17:10-11)

Taught by Dan Critchfield and others. This is a mixed class of both new and long term believers who like to study the scriptures to grow in knowledge and grace. We cover topics as well as expository book studies. The class has input as to items we cover. This class was started primarily to invite those who were attending preaching service but not attending Sunday School. We emphasize fellowship and building relationships with God and each other.

Adult 2

Taught by Mike Hulvey. This class studies books of the Bible in depth.

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